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Fibersuntech S.L , 

If  you are looking  for  Grade "A" Manhole covers and Gratings truly made in Europe , meeting the  EN124 Norms , we can deliver the most standard models , for your needs  with  loading up to F900 ...

Sumou Al Himam  in Saudi Arabia can  provide you with the required information  .

        Serie VIAL                                                           ADA 900                                                   RETEL 900

        RAC E600                                             ADA-E600                

SERIES VIAL                                      COSMOS D-400                              Galaxy D-400                                      


Roadways ( including pedestrian streets ) hard  shoulders and parkingareas for all kinds of vehicles


Areas with veruy heavy wheel  loads , such as Paving in Airports and dockyards , etc...


Products for Zones  subject to very high loads , such as airports paving