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What is MIMOV

MIMOV is the first FAMILY TELECARE service in the market.

In an ecosystem where Telecare services subsidized by the Public Administration are changing and even disappearing, MIMOV gives the opportunity to users and their families of having a Family Telecare service, where the user is always in contact inside and outside home, and where the family is responsible of reaching the needs of their loved ones.

The way of working is very simple:

MIMOV The USER has a mobile phone with 4 keys on which their relative/caregiver can set phone numbers to which the user wants to call. User can wear it with a lanyard or on a sleeve for protection. For any emergency situation, the user will have to press the SOS button, MIMOV initiates a sequence of calls and SMS messages to the numbers that has been preconfigured.

The CAREGIVER or RELATIVE is who manages the entire Telecare system through a web platform or via smartphone applications: configures the phone numbers to which the user can call and the ones that can call the user,locates the user at any moment,knows the battery level, creates geo-fence security areas, so if the user leaves the area caregiver/relative are notified so they can follow the user on the map in real time.


In conclusion, in the FAMILY TELECARE system the family or caregiver is the one who handles the configuration, location, and receives and deals with emergencies situations generated.

The advantages of this system for users and relatives are many:

- Ease of use: SIMPLIT certification Seal

- Peace of mind thanks to the location

- Receiving service inside and outside home


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