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- 2.5Gb/s operation

- +/-95pm wavelength stability over life without Etalon locker

- Optional Etalon wavelength stabilization provides 50GHz optical channel spacing compliance for interlay or future upgrade

- Narrow spectral line width Internal TEC with precision NTC thermistor for temperature control Entire C & L-band

- ITU wavelengths available (1527nm to 1605nm) Code reduction with single product for reaches up to 360km

-  GaInAsP SLMQW DFB single frequency laser chip InGaAs monitor photo-diode Hermetically sealed 14-pin butterfly package with optical isolator

-  RoHS Compliant



This laser module employs the strained layer MQW Buried Heterostructure DFB laser chip, and has been designed specifically for use in Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) 2.5Gb/s long distance optical fiber trunk systems.



 - Long haul

Data Sheet pdf


2.5Gb/s Buried Het Laser 360km Reach